Who developed CAT-RPM?

Julie M. Bower (Lead Researcher)
Julie developed and trialled the CAT-RPM as part of her PhD Thesis from 2007 to 2009. Julie has worked in the area of youth at risk since 1996 and has a particular interest in strength-based case management for youth at risk. Julie has worked extensively with Dr Annemaree Carroll in the research area of adolescent behaviour, primarily investigating the goal-setting and self-regulatory behaviour of at risk youth in Australia, and more recently in the on-going development of the Mindfields® program and training of Mindfields® Facilitators. Julie holds a degree in vocational education and training and is a registered teacher.

Annemaree Carroll (Research Consultant)
Associate Professor Annemaree Carroll consulted on the development of the CAT-RPM. Dr Carroll is a highly published author in the area of youth at risk, self-regulation, delinquency and substance abuse, and has been the successful recipient of numerous grants, awards, and research tenders. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Education at The University of Queensland and a registered psychologist and teacher. She has been particularly concerned with developing innovative multimedia methods and strategies for enhancing the engagement and motivation of at-risk youth to bring about positive change in their lives. Dr. Carroll was Chief Investigator in the innovative Mindfields® program, which

focuses on empowering at-risk adolescents to make positive change in their lives. More recently, she has led a team of researchers to develop the KooLKIDS program, a self-regulatory intervention to empower younger children aged 7 to 11 years to live well with themselves and others by knowing their strengths and their emotions and by learning empathy and friendship skills. Find out about Annemaree's research publications.

Adrian Ashman (Research Consultant)
Professor Adrian Ashman consulted on the development of the CAT-RPM and is a leading authority on disability, youth at risk, and education in Australia and internationally. He has published widely in his field. Adrian is the Deputy President of the Queensland Guardianship and Administration Tribunal and a Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of Queensland. His research areas of interest include cognitive educational psychology, inclusion, disabilities and youth at risk. Find out about Adrian's research.

Rachel Ramsay (Research Assistant)
Rachel is a research assistant at The University of Queensland and has worked on the development of the CAT-RPM website. Rachel has a background in computer science, and more recently managed the revision of the Mindfields website.