What is the CAT-RPM?

The CAT-RPM is the Contexualised Assessment Tool for Risk and Protection Management. It is useful in assisting professionals to calculate the presence of risk and protective factors for individuals across five domains: self, family, school, peers/leisure and community. The information provided by completion of the CAT-RPM can be utilized by professionals to:

  • position interventions for individual students;
  • find a starting point to build on strengths of individual students;
  • gain perspective on the context surrounding behavioural difficulties in individual students;
  • direct/inform case management for individual students; and,
  • direct/ inform interventions that build on the strengths of groups of adolescents.

Who is it for?

The CAT-RPM is designed for use with young people aged 12-18 years to measure their risk and protective factors as outlined above. It can be used as a measure of risk and protection across groups to identify and build on strengths, or as part of a case management plan for individuals who may be displaying behavioural problems. The applications are far reaching, but predominantly, the CAT-RPM is a starting point to identifying and building on strengths in young people. It is envisaged that the CAT-RPM would be used as a tool by professionals working with adolescents at-risk.